Welcome to Babysitter Besties, a webpage dedicated to daytime guardian angels, a.k.a. babysitters, nannies, at-home moms/dads, grandparents, or anyone really who spends time with children. Topics covered will be broad in nature, because there is so much to share and learn about teenagers, kids, toddlers, and infants. Readers can expect to see posts from selecting and offering babysitting services, to foods for picky eaters, educational experiences and resources, and even handling teenage talk back.

Babysitter Besties was created by myself, Mrs. Crawley, to fill a gap that I was personally experiencing. After a few years of babysitting, I became challenged with loneliness and lack of a mentor or trusted confidant. I was close to giving up, searching for a job and sending my own kids to someone more capable. I was in a rut.

That feeling, of being in a rut gave me the idea to start this blog and share “all of it!” This blog is place for me to share my highs and lows with watching kids in my home. It is a place to share my lesson plans, crafts, games, and more for the kids. I will also share my mental health strategies to coping with being alone all day with babies and toddlers and kids of all ages.

I hope well intended advice and shared resources will help to provide the guidance of a mentor and the care of a good friend. I also hope that the readers will add their invaluable input and support to make the intent of this webpage truly successful.


~Mrs. Crawley