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The First Trimester, To remind me we ARE done at three….. There will not be a fourth!

This post is to remind me that I do not enjoy pregnancy. For some, it is an amazing experience and for others, I probably have no right to complain because it could be so much worse. My pregnancies have not been all that bad, but they are certainly not something I would look forward to doing again. The end result is what makes it wonderful, but the whole 41 weeks of annoying body changes and mood swings is not pleasant, at least not for me.


I am only 12 weeks along and this is my third pregnancy. I should have known better, but I had two incredibly stupid things happen in my brain. First was the lapse in memory. I absolutely forgot how irritable and sick I was during the first trimester for at least my first pregnancy. I think, but can’t clearly recall, that my second pregnancy was a little better. The second “stupid thing” that happened in my brain was a personal negotiation. When I realized I was pregnant (because I was not trying but on the pill, when this blessing was conceived), I told myself that all the things I didn’t like would be short lived, that I could handle it. I thought, it’s not a big deal, it’s only a few months of discomfort and I can loose the weight. Sure I can, in like five years. I should have just broke down into tears because for me it’s more like “Chinese torture” for 41 weeks.

At this point, I have swollen sinuses because my body produces more mucous during pregnancy. Nope, it’s not allergies…I’m just a snotty person while I’m preggers. Every site and smell reminds me of how queezy I feel. It’s not that I can’t keep food down, I’m constantly hungry. However, everything I eat causes me swelling and discomfort. The reason for this is also related to pregnancy hormones during the first trimester. The hormones cause pregnant women to be unusually constipated and gassy. The prenatal vitamins can also contribute to these problems. Therefore, you can eat it, but it will take forever to pass and it’ll bloat you on the gruelingly slow way out of your body.

There is no known reason for morning sickness. This is often poked fun at because most of us who’ve experienced it will tell you it occurs all day long and not just during the morning. However, I have the theory that because not eating can sometimes exaggerate the feelings of morning sickness and most of us don’t eat while we’re sleeping, we wake up with an empty stomach causing the sickness to be the worst in the morning. It’s a good explanation, I think but I have no way to prove it.

My experience with morning sickness is awful. I don’t throw up all day, but I feel like I’m going to all day. I can’t allow any pressure in my abdomen, no coughing, sneezing, kids crawling on top of me, or even trying to use the restroom without feeling like whatever I ate last is coming back to haunt me. I am not big enough to fit into maternity pants, but my pants can give just enough pressure to keep me feeling sick all day long. If I could wear sweat pants to the office, I just might feel better.

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