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I Made It! Finally, The Second Trimester. More Reasons #3 Is The Last Baby For Me.


I am officially 16 weeks pregnant and I am still content that I do not like pregnancy and this will be my last time. This post is to add to the previous one, The First Trimester and extend the trail of reminders I am leaving for myself. I don’t want to allow hormones or forgetfulness to convince me later on, that I enjoy being pregnant.  It happens, trust me. Children are an amazing gift and a blessing. They are not at all easy to raise, but the love that a mom, or I, feel for my babies is like nothing else in the world. Basically, they are worth it but I don’t need anymore of them. 😉

I will love this new baby when it arrives with all my heart. However, unlike with my other pregnancies, this time I feel like I actually forget that I am pregnant. Maybe I am too busy or it’s just because I’ve been here and done this before, but this time I am not thoroughly consumed with the idea of a growing lifeform in my body. I don’t feel the need to read up on this pregnancy or even spend much time planning for the baby. The last two times I had their nursery decor picked out by this point. I don’t seem to even care for this baby’s decor needs. I have decided to chalk this up to experience.

At 16 weeks, several moms are still not showing because the size of the average fetus is no bigger than an apple or avocado. I am not showing either, but my tummy is starting to stick out. Don’t laugh, I’m serious. Okay, here’s what it really is: I am bloated. I feel like a bloated monster full of gas that could leak unexpectedly at only the most embarrassing moments. My solution is to switch to a new prenatal vitamin. Prenatal vitamins often cause constipation, bloating, gas, and irritable bowels. Because my insurance covered it, I begged the nurse to switch my prescription to the good stuff that includes a sensitive laxative. Sorry if that is disgusting, but this is intended to remind me that I don’t like pregnancy so I have to be honest with the yuck moments.

I don’t like it when my belly is touched without permission, especially not this early in the pregnancy. I really want to tell the touchers that they are not touching baby because they are not. They are just putting their hands on my bloated gut that is giving me a “bloated monster full of gas complex”. Please do not touch a pregnant woman’s belly without asking her permission or at, least having heard her outwardly exclaim that she is loves it.

Another point about the growing belly and other body parts. I was eager to wear maternity clothes with both of my earlier pregnancies. This time, not so much. I want to look attractive, I want to wear cute clothes. I am 32 years old and I don’t wear the kind of clothes that leave little to the imagination, but I do like to wear clothes that compliment my shape. While my clothes are not too snug normally, at this stage in the pregnancy I’m checking the dryer settings to make sure I haven’t shrunk my clothes. I am still not big enough for the elastic waist band and I have been planning to avoid them, until at least 20 weeks. I am not sure I’m going to be able to though. Guess what, with the third baby it is even harder to keep off weight gain!

While the consistent battle with overwhelming fatigue is starting to dwindle, it’s not yet completely gone. During the first trimester, however, I was so tired I didn’t move much at all. There was no exercising. There was however, eating more and cravings for less healthy food. I have tried to curb the cruel appetite by always having apples and yogurt on hand. I also need carbs to keep me from chomping on my fists or blowing money on really old candy bars in the vending machine. The best solution I’ve found for carbs is granola. I am trying to reach for the mostly whole grain kind because I’ve read the granola bars are more processed that most other foods.

My main gripe for the second trimester is the growing belly and the bloating I’m experiencing so far. I am sure there will be more to come, so I’ll keep posting as I find new reasons to complain. I’m sure this is what people really want to read about, right? LOL… If  you are reading, as always I am most appreciative and hope that in some small way, you’re learning with me about pregnancy for the third time.

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