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In addition to the primary hats of “mom”, “wife”, and “employee”, I am also an individual with likes, loves, dreams, desires, and faith.

This is my “About Me” page, in case it wasn’t evident by the title. I try at sarcasm, but I’m not as talented as others, so please forgive the dry humor. I am in my thirties, which is still too young to be considered old, unless you’re asking my children. I have two children, a boy and a girl and I have another one on the way. Today, I am just 12 weeks pregnant so it’s too early to tell the gender of the third. What I can predict is this will be my last pregnancy. I am going to write about it to ensure that I don’t get a dose of crazy two years down the road and try to convince myself that I enjoyed being pregnant.
I have been happily married for eight years. But I have been in love and committed to my husband for roughly sixteen years. We met when I was just sixteen and I will enjoy being five years younger than him, forever. If it feels right, maybe I’ll tell the tale of how we met and where it went from there, but this post is all about me.
I was not discouraged from living with my boyfriend before marriage, but I will probably discourage it for my children. Not because I had a bad experience, but because I think back and wonder “what the jelly beans” were my parents thinking. So many mistakes could have taken place but thankfully, we are okay and I’m still here to write about it. There are several other fun facts I can share about my parents and my siblings that will probably remind me that I often question “what the jelly beans” were my parents thinking.
I am currently a full-time secretary, but I pray and hope upon hope with this baby, I will get to quit the full time hustle for just a few, short years. There is absolutely nothing I dread more about having another baby than having to turn them over to the care of the cute “college-aged” daycare “room moms”. That title is NOT fitting. Their bodies have not been disfigured enough for them to possibly earn a title that even resembles “mom”. Secondly, I dread the thought of pumping breast milk in my office with the incredibly loud breast pump pulling at my body, making me feel like a modern day dairy cow. Hopefully, in a few months, my title will be “Housewife” or even “Virtual Office Assistant”, because I wouldn’t mind working from home.
In addition to the primary hats of “mom”, “wife”, and “employee”, I am also an individual with likes, loves, dreams, desires, and faith. What I wish I had time for includes learning God’s Word (I have started, finally), Pilates (I want a rockin’ body, like everyone else), and cooking and eating (I really love eating). If I had infinite amounts of money and time, I would get as close as I could to warmer weather to walk trails in the woods all year round, because I love the fresh air, the sites, and the sounds. I do not, however, love the bugs. I still have yet to think of any purpose God may have had in mind when he made mosquitos. I really wish they would become extinct and nothing worse or remotely close to how awful they are would replace them.
I also love barnyard animals. I raised goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, and pheasants while I was young. If I didn’t also love to go on vacations, I would probably try to convince my husband to build a goat barn.
Well, if more comes to me, I’ll write a new post. For now, that’s it and that’s me. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to give it a read. God bless.

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