Almost 12 years back, I won a basket of sewing goods in a fund raiser, basket raffle. I didn’t know what the basket included and some items were completely new to me, things like scissor sharpeners which of course I now know how to use. There were are pieces of fabric, but nothing over a yard of material. I didn’t mind that the pieces were small. I was just happy to have some fabric to dabble with.

Among the items were two large pillow squares with this incredibly brightly colored print. It would not match anything in my home, so I puzzled over what to do with all this fabric. Then, while I was babysitting, I realized that placing as many colorful decorations around my house as I could for holidays improved the happiness of the kids. I decided to turn the two pillow squares into pillows, afterall. Except they wouldn’t be square, they would be seasonal holiday pillows. They would be Easter Eggs.

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