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New to Blogging

Okay, so I didn’t do much homework before picking a host site for my first blog. I just knew I didn’t want to pay anything for something, I knew could be free. However, that statement contradicts the intentions of this blogsite. When I decided to start one, I intended to share my stories of learning about anything and everything that comes my way (and Thank the Lord for all these I’m given). I am still learning about most of the so-called “hats” or titles, I have been given and I love learning about whatever else I can.
One of these hats is the “wife” hat. This one seemed simple enough, he liked me and I liked him so we spent a great deal of money, memorized vows for a day or two, and dressed the part for a beautiful wedding ceremony. I didn’t really overthink it. Fast forward eight years into marriage and I’ve learned a thing or two. I am still married and given the context of the day, sometimes happily and sometimes wishing I had given it more thought. Don’t get me wrong, my husband and I are stil very much in love, but no one has a perfect life. šŸ˜‰ This is one thing, I am still learning about and probably one I will continue to learn about until death do us part. I look forward to writing about and sharing my experiences and life lessons, as I learn to be a wife. Okay, not just a “wife,” but a fabulous wife!
I also wear a “mommy” hat. I did overthink becoming a mom and had my mind made up about many things I later learned, “only people without kids think this way!” A good example is the schedule I insisted I would keep… yep, threw that one out the window early on. I have two children and presently, one on the way. With a girl and a boy already, I’m calling this one the ty-breaker. We’ll find out the gender, soon enough. Ultimately, parenting has been my most difficult learning challenge. Kids have personalities that books on the subject, don’t always address. Attempting different styles of obedience on my son, for example has taught me one very important thing about my son, I have to absolutely stop everything I’m doing if he gets too far into a fit or tantrum. He’s adorable, but don’t let his looks fool you, he’s persistent and incredibly stubborn. While learning to be “mommy” is challenging, it’s one of my favorite continuing education topices.
Additional hats that have been given to me include “employee”, “gardener”, “household maintenance technician”, “college student”, “painter”, and “crafter extraordinaire” just to name a few. With each new project I take on or each new product I try, I hope to write and share my experiences with hopes that in some way, I am giving something back that is beneficial to someone else.
Thank you and happy reading,

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