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St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Activity

It’s here! It’s finally here!

Not only do I enjoy St. Patrick’s day for the funky green dress up opportunity, the green flair added to food and the excuse to just be silly with games and jokes…. I enjoy this day because it is a a reminder that spring is so very close. I think Shamrocks and my mind whisks away to spring fields covered in clovers. It may be snowing outside, but spring is not far away.

Today, I am not alone. I have my youngest home with me and two other toddlers I babysit, part time. To celebrate the day and keep these tots smiling, we started out with a sensory activity I’m calling “Sweets and Treats Treasure Hunting”. The activity consists of Lucky Charms Cereal or the generic bag of marshmallow cereal (fruit loops would also work as they rainbow colored), gold coins (toys or chocolate), and a bin. We also have Handy Scoopers to help us dig for gold without sticking our hands in a shared dish of food.




After these kids collected the gold coins from their scoops and snacked on the cereal, we counted our gold coins to see who had found the most gold coins. Then we tossed the coins back in and started over.





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