Stuffed Animal Storage

Make Your Own Stuffed Animal Storage Bag

It can pull double duty as cushy seat 


I keep seeing ads for toy storage in either the shell of a stuffed animal or in the form of a floor cushion. If these are hot, I can see why. I am always trying to find creative and attractive ways to store all of my kids stuff, especially the stuffed stuff.

These are so easy to make and sewing is one of my favorite crafts, so I decided to give it a try. I couldn’t say the cost to make one, because I had the materials stocked up in my craft supplies. However, it didn’t take long at all. The whole project was less than 2 hours to make three.


  • Fabric: I used upholstery fabric for the toy bag and thin ornamental fabric for the letters in white fur, gold sparkle, and a patterned print. The amount used depends on the size. For the 12×15″ rectangle, I used a piece I had that was just under 1 yard.
  • Thread: Shouldn’t need more than one spool of 250 yards, try to match the color of the fabric
  • 1 Zipper (or other preferred fastener.) I used a zipper to ensure they would stay shut if used as a chair but considered a button seam, velcro seam, or even a version with a pull string.

The first step was to cut out my fabric squares. For the 19X19″ bag, I cut out six squares that measured 21×21″. I added the extra two inches all the way around so that I’d have a little extra fabric to trim if I made a mistake and to determine which two edges would meet to sew in the zipper.

Next, I used a crayon to draw a letter on my ornamental fabric and cut out the letter with no edges to fold over. I didn’t bother with edges, instead I just played with the stitch options on the sewing machine until I found one that would serge the edge and keep in from fraying.


Next, I marked out the edge lines with a white crayon and pinned the six pieces of fabric together at each seam.


I felt it would be easiest to determine where to place the zipper, pin, and sew together this seam first. I decided I wanted the zipper to be in the top, back of the cube, so I first placed the square with the letter together with the square that would become the top of the cube. Then I marked the lines for my zipper. I took that edge and measured and marked one inch of width. The I folded that inch of hem in half and placed the zipper against the inside raw edge. Starting with the bottom of the zipper, I sewed up to ensure there would be no bunching of the fabric.


I then placed the square for the back of the cube against the seam facing the zipper attached the two by sewing this piece against the zipper also.


When two pieces were flipped over, the inch of hem that was folded over helped to hide the zipper when it was zipped shut.

The next step was to sew together the remaining squares where they had been pinned together at the base and then pull up the sides to pin in place along the marked lines and sew the cube sides in place.

Finally, I filled the empty toy bag with stuffed animals and watched the shape of the cube form.


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