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Minecraft Birthday Party

My middle son, Owen will be nine years old in a week. His favorite character is YouTube personality Dan TDM. He began watching Dan play Minecraft and has followed him for a few years now. Owen even dressed as Dan TDM for Halloween this year and I accompanied him as one of the personalitie’s beloved Pugs. It wasn’t surprising to me then, when I asked for a birthday theme he insisted on Minecraft and Dan TDM.

Image of boy dressed as Dan TDM and his mother dressed as a pug dog for Halloween

I was a bit surprised to learn that decorations for Minecraft parties were last year’s hot item, and not so much this year. Additionally, I could not find anything themed for a Dan TDM birthday. I did come across a few Minecraft themed party supplies that were in stock and ordered these items through Amazon. The party favors I picked up were not the Minecraft name, but pixel party favors for a minor-themed party which was close enough.

So, what is a crafty mama to do when she can’t find what she’s looking for online or in stores? I know! She takes a brain storm shower. Then, she checks Pinterest for good ideas, of course! I found some great ideas on Pinterest, but I couldn’t make them all happen due to the overall cost, wall space, and time allowance. However, here are some of the awesome ideas I did accomplish.

First, I made the cake. Actually, I made cupcakes. But then I placed them together to make the shape of a Minecraft Diamond Sword. I didn’t just make any cupcakes though, I made the so-super-cool square cupcakes. Of course, I had to buy a new cupcake pan to make these, but the non-stick pan was great. I know I will use it more than one time, so it was nice to get a new muffin/cupcake pan.

Image of square cupcakes in the shape of a diamond sword

The day of the party, I frosted these with blue frosting for the blade and brown frosting for the handle. I chose to use white frosting and color it myself for the blue part and used chocolate frosting for the brown part.

Image of frosted diamond sword shaped birthday cake

Second, I made the table toppers. These are Minecraft Creepers made from green card stock and tape.

Image of table with three paper creepers arranged as table toppers for a party

With my daughter’s help, we hung the streamers and balloons through the office.


For the Dan TDM element, I made blue paper diamonds and hung them through the streamers and balloons. Owen had specifically requested Dan’s logo in the decorations somewhere and his logo is a diamond with a blue outline and his three initials “TDM” in the middle. So this is what I came up with.

The party favors arrived on the porch just in time. Each favor bag includes a bracelet, building block mini-figure, pixel sword balloon (same as the image seen here on the bags), and pixel images on stickers. I added a few pieces of candy to fill them. There is also one set of pixel swag sunglasses for the birthday boy.


Finally, I needed games for the kids to play.  So again, using a great idea I found on Pinterest called Shake Your Tail Feathers, I covered four tissue boxes with green paper and gave them a rubber strap. I also purchased a couple bags of colored feathers from Walmart. I tied the rubber straps around the kids hips at game time and filled the boxes with the feathers. The kids raced to shake out all the feathers from the tissue boxes. 20171215_143353.jpg

I used the metal pail with green tissue paper so the boys could play Poop the Potato. This is a game that has been shared over Facebook and is usually seen played by adults. I thought 8 and 9 year old boys would find it funny and entertaining. It did work for a least a minute, but not much longer. The game was too easy for them.

This was my “crafty mama” version of a Minecraft and Dan TDM themed birthday party. From the decorations and goody bags to the cake, I received several compliments and the kids seemed to have a wonderful experience. My son especially, shared that he really appreciated all the work that goes into putting together a party and that everything turned out to be just perfect. I would love to hear from other “crafty mamas” with great ideas for Minecraft themed parties, so please comment!

Thank you and happy reading!

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