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Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration Continued

My service as a Daytime Guardian Angel began shortly after Dr. Seuss’s birthday, two short years ago. It was at this time that my husband and I agreed I could leave full time work as a local university Admin. Clerk, to begin babysitting. The goal was to make enough to replace my full time income from the university while being able to stay home with our youngest son before he started kindergarten, a sort of last chance to be a stay-at-home mom.

To get the word out to families that I would be soon become available, I just did what I do best. I used special occasions, like Dr. Seuss’s birthday to make themed kids crafts, games, and lessons. I made silly props like The Lorax straw mustache. Basically, I folded a piece of orange construction paper in half, free hand-sketched a large mustache, cut it out and taped it to a bendy straw. It was a hit with my son and our babysitter’s (at that time) daughter. Image of a little boy holding a straw in his mouth with a paper mustache that looks like the Lorax mustache tapped to the straw

We continued the fun when my big’s returned from their day at school. My oldest, Emily came up with the idea of making Truffula Tree straws with the cotton candy they had left over from a recent indoor carnival. She made beautiful red Koolaid and smashed a chunk of colorful cotton candy on her straw. They were beautiful, sticky and sweet.

One year later, I was branched out into other stories including The Cat in the Hat and Horton Hears a Who. We made Thing 1 and Thing 2 inspired jello snacks with cherry jello and whipped topping with a little blue food dye. For Horton, I found a couple of elephant ears in google images, printed them out on grey copy paper, cut and glued them to construction paper headbands. I used soft pompoms, green pipe cleaners, and hot glue to make each of my littles a flower. The kids helped but at 3 yrs old, the mainly glued the ears and placed the pompoms. I had them color Dr. Seuss coloring pages as an added activity.

This year, we our birthday celebration is focused on The Foot Book. During the morning lesson, the kids get a game or activity inspired by The Foot Book and during afternoon snack, I read them one of Dr. Seuss’s many other silly stories.

The decorations are made from excess copies of the pages from The Foot Book.


Tuesday, we had the rare opportunity of attending a Dr. Seuss themed play date at a local gymnasium. The kids had a wonderful time jumping on trampolines, running, climbing, and building with large foam bricks. They even had a photo with The Cat in the Hat.


Today, the kids played a short game from our story of the week, The Foot Book. I sketched out one large foot on a piece of white paper and made 39 copies. Half of the copies were copied in “mirror orientation” so they would look like a left and right foot. Next, I glued the printed feet on colored construction paper and laid them out on the floor. The kids marched up and down the pages, all the while shouting “Left Foot, Right Foot, Left Foot, Right, Left Foot, Right Foot, Left Foot, Right!” 

As an added lesson or just practice, I had the kids count all the steps together. At this age, they can count to 100 with help. They need all the practice they can get to do it on their own by the time they start kindergarten.

I hope you enjoyed reading and that these crafts and games will inspire you. If you watch kids or just stay home with your own precious babies, these activities are sure to keep you kids entertained, having fun, and learning all the while. Good luck, God Bless, and thank you for reading.

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