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Goodbye Babysitter Besties! Hello Fifth Talent Farm and Upholstery!

Babysitter Besties is Becoming Fifth Talent Farm and Upholstery

Ready to Ring in the New Year with a New Venture

Like all things in life, there comes a time when change is necessary and productive. As a blogger, I choose to write about the things I am currently trying and doing. Babysitter Besties was a great blog for sharing tips for daytime guardian angels and recipes perfect for picky eaters. However, it couldn’t last long because the children grow and as they grow, I too have to grow. Fortunately, God blessed me with more talents to explore and write about in this new chapter as a blogger.

Image of a reupholstered childs chair

God has blessed me with as many as five strong talents. Hence the name, Fifth Talent Farm and Upholstery. The first two talents have been shared through Babysitter Besties in the way of caring for and educating children and cooking. God also blessed me with a talent to sew. I have been sewing as a hobby for nearly 20 years. I don’t know how my husband knew all those years ago that I would love sewing, but one of the very first Christmas gifts my husband gave to me when we first moved in to a home together, was a sewing machine. That gift has served me for many years to try out fun crafts, make Halloween costumes for kids, make decorative pillows and seasonal home decor, and now to recover furniture. I look forward to sharing my sewing and upholstery tips and experiences in the new blog.


I also thank God for my tiny homestead. My mother gave me the gift of homesteading. Without any prior discussion with my father, she brought home chickens, goats, and bunnies for her kids and surprised us each time. I have collected a barnyard family that resembles this one my mother had, closely. Today, I have a two goats, four rabbits, 14 hens and two roosters. My mother planted a seed years ago which provided me with a talent for homesteading today. In the new blog, I hope to share pictures and stories about all the zany behaviors of these glorious critters, as well as bits of knowledge and information about raising them.


Childcare, cooking, sewing, homesteading… What’s the Fifth Talent? 

The final talent that I am so happy to share with anyone who reads this blog is a strong Faith. I hold tightly to my relationship with God. I know that I would not be here today without His miracles. I talk to God often and it is through these conversations with God that I’ve been given proof of His existence. God listens to me and God answers. I do not intend to preach any personal views through my blog, however I do plan to pop in scripture when it fits and rejoice when I see opportunity, that our God is an awesome God.

     The new blog registered to fifthtalentfarm.com is available now.

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