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Why I Choose the Low Carb Lifestyle

Low Carb Recipes and Picky Eater Options

The recipes I try and share are usually selected to satisfy picky eaters, but I also choose recipes that will result in weight loss, for myself. I try to make healthy choices, but flavor and satisfaction are driving factors in my recipe selections. When possible, I replace sugars and carbs for myself. The recipes for picky eaters are an effort to get my kids to try new foods.

I started off in 2018 with great intentions and was even on track to reach my weight loss goal. The weather had warmed enough to make going for a short jog, here and there, possible. I was eating healthier every day, without cheating. Then, just when I thought we were past cold and flu season, I began sniffling. Sniffling led to sinus head aches, congestion, and then the coughing. The bug I’d picked up chose to hang around for just over 3 weeks. I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever get past it.

Having the cough and constant need to blow my nose, I had no desire to exercise and just threw my diet out the window. I gobbled up pizza, chips, cookies, and whatever I wanted to stuff. I started to reason that as long as I have small sensible meals, it didn’t’ really matter what I was eating. Without the indoor exercise sessions and the short jogs a couple times each week, I starting feeling softer instantly. Eating junk food started packing on cushion, in the usual problem areas.

It is so unfair to discover months of hard work and dedication can be completely undone in just a week or two. Being sick is a pretty good excuse, depending on how bad one feels, but muscles and fat don’t seem to care about excuses. Muscles shrink if they are neglected, even a short time and fat accumulates fast! Some would be annoyed that anyone who isn’t obese would complain even a little about weight gain. However, a few pounds matters when you can’t get your pants to fit your behind or up your thighs.

In addition to lack of exercise and poor eating decisions, age and family genes impact how quickly we gain weight. I am thirty-eight years old and every year the diet and exercise become more essential to simply maintain my figure. I don’t have any known health conditions that would impact my weight, such as diabetes or a thyroid issue. However, obesity has been passed through my mother’s side of the family. All things considered, I should be able to try just about any diet out there without added risks or complications and I can definitely handle exercise.

It seems the most popular weight loss plan these days is the Keto Diet. This diet consists of eating a great deal of fat and cutting out the carbs and is nearly the same diet as the Atkins diet popular in the 80’s and 90’s. The high-fat, low-carb diet, better-known as the fat-burning ketogenic diet has been used to lower body weight and fight health conditions such as epilepsy.

A low carb breakfast of scrabbled eggs, ground sausage, and shredded sharp cheddar

The diet is featured in the Netflix documentary, The Magic Pill. The disclaimer in the beginning of the film reads, “what we’re about to see is anecdotal, and we can’t necessarily deduce that the results of the diet depicted in this documentary are based in science.” Yet, by the end of the film I was feeling more convinced that the push to reduce or even eliminate carbs could not only take us back to eating the way our bodies were designed to eat, but could also be advantageous to reaching my personal weight loss goals, without having to try to cut back on eating altogether.

Very low-carb blueberry muffins, made with coconut flour and fresh blueberries

Because I spend my days preparing meals for children, I will be confronted with pastas and breads, regularly. I don’t have any plans to cut out the carbs from my kids diets, simply because there is no reason to remove carbs from their diets. They burn up carbs so fast that diets are completely unnecessary. I still encourage them to be adventurous with new foods and protect their teeth from too much sugar, of course.

Trying a low carb or Ketogenic diet, in my opinion, is not a difficult decision to make. First, there are several great recipes to try and the food still tastes amazing. Second, you don’t have to starve or feel like you’ve eaten your limit for the day. As long as there are little or no carbs in the foods you’re choosing, you can eat until you’re satisfied.

Mock Reese Peanut butter cups, made with natural peanut butter, stevia, and 92% cocoa.

Of course, there are rules for this diet, just like any other. However, the rules are very simple. While weight loss goals can impact how strict or loose you are, the main goal is to avoid carbohydrates and take in more fat than protein or fiber. As long as you limit your carb intake between 20-100 grams per day, you can get your body into a state of Ketosis. When you’re in Ketosis, your body burns fat instead of carbs. However, you have to give your body enough fat to burn and so few carbs, that it has no choice but to choose to burn the fat. Just search Keto diet on the web and the results will provide a mountain of information and delicious recipes to try.

Nacho Soup and Stuffed Celery

I truly love this diet because I love the food options. They are absolutely delicious. I can still enjoy alcohol on this diet, as long as I know what I can choose to drink. For example, choose red wines with no sugar added or clear liquors like vodka or gin. (You can mix most liquors with coke zero or sprite zero.) Finally, the best part about this diet for me is that it’s so easy to identify foods with carbs. Just avoid anything made with flour, starchy vegetables, and sugar. It’s not as hard as you might think.

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