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Welcome to Fifth Talent Farm and Upholstery

Featuring Crafts by 5th Talent Seamstress, Elizabeth Crawley

Welcome to Fifth Talent Farm and Upholstery, featuring crafts by 5th Talent Seamstress Elizabeth Crawley. We are a small farm and home-based business providing services in light upholstery, custom drapes, and sewing for home decor. Our small farm produces fresh, brown eggs and we raise Nigerian Dwarf goats and California Rex market rabbits.

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This blog, previously titled Babysitter Besties, has blossomed along with my personal business ventures. I still babysit, on a very small scale, however I have decided it’s time to take on an even larger venture toward business ownership and start a light upholstery business with my sewing skills. The new name and web address will keep my old blog posts and allow space to share new posts featuring my home decor projects and crafts.

In addition to sharing project photos, I’ll provide tutorials and advice toward attempting similar projects. The blog pages will continue to include my other hobbies with farming and cooking, as well as arts and crafts I create with and for my kids.  I will also share new homesteading skills as I learn them, while raising livestock and attempting to grow garden vegetables and ornamental landscaping.

Please feel free to follow this blog and comment on posts. I always look forward to hearing from readers. Thank you and God Bless you Indeed!


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