About the Author

My clients refer to me as “Mrs. Crawley.” By clients, I’m referring to my bigs and my littles, or the children I watch out of my home. I have been working with kids for many years, beginning with a part time job fitting toddlers in snow skis while in high school and most recently as an in-home Childcare Provider, Scout Coach, and Sunday School Teacher.

I operate off the belief that there is only one, true way to live forever and it’s by passing on as much of yourself, as possible to the next generation. With success whatever was passed on will continue to be passed on one generation after another, so that beliefs, ideals, and passions can truly exist for all eternity. I believe this is God’s plan.

I am a Christian and have spent a good deal of time studying the Bible, in study groups and alone. My belief in leaving a legacy was formed while reading parts of the old testament and trying to understand why God would punish not just an individual, but that individuals children’s children. It must be that they also understood how living forever could only be achieved through a lasting legacy.

If I am correct and this is God’s plan, not just an outlandish and unfounded claim of a random fool…. it is so important that we as a culture, as human beings put all of our time, energy, and resources into raising up the next generation with the utmost care. If I’m wrong, I still would rather not fail to care for the most precious commodity on the planet, our children.

As serious as childcare is to me, I can’t see a way to care for children without silliness and humor. If there is a way, I would rather not give it a try. Having a good sense of humor helps to get through the most stressful situations and if not, there’s always wine.

The posts I write and share will sometimes be silly and sometimes be serious. I will also share knowledge I find from outside resources because I do not, nor do I claim to, have all the answers. Besides, it’s always good to get a fresh outlook or comparative point of view.

Thank you and happy reading!

~Mrs. Crawley